Dead bugs, dead skin, germs: You should replace your bed pillows every 1-2 years. These 4 comfy pillows stand out from the crowd

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Pillows get gross, really gross. One Study It was found that after 18 months or more, fungus is common on pillows. one more Study Turns out that after two years of use, you’re likely to find unpleasant things like live and dead dust mites and their feces, dead skin, and bacteria in your pillow. and Cleveland Clinic notes That “little bugs” infiltrate bed pillows and can pose a health risk. In other words, replace your pillow every 1-2 years, experts say. But don’t just get any pillow: Get one that offers the right amount of support, the desired amount of deliverability, and the ability to stay calm. “Like a mattress, they should provide great neck support,” explains Dr. Luke MessizinJoe, an assistant professor of neurosurgery at UCLA Neurosurgery, says that pillows are an important sleep component. That said, with all the hundreds of options available, choosing a pillow is overwhelming. So I tested some of the highest-rated and most popular pillows. These are my top picks.

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My Picks for the Best Holistic Pillow: Night Pillow, $150 a night (Free shipping on orders over $50)


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This soft-to-the-touch pillow, housed in a Mulberry silk pillowcase, is made of memory foam that conforms easily to my head and neck, so it didn’t take long to break. I found it comfortable to use in any sleeping position (I move around a lot at night before sleeping) and loved that it was lightweight – great for someone who puts their hands under their head and turns has or likes. It remained cold throughout the night as well. Nighttime memory foam is double-sided and feels lighter and airier than traditional memory foam. Not only that, the pillow comes in seven colors and when (or if) you make your bed, it always looks perfectly plump. Other reviewers share my love of this pillow: Apartment Therapy writes about the Night Pillow: “I tried the famous Night Pillow, and OMG, it’s amazing,” adding that “the pillow itself is both soft and firm.” Just the right amount.” The biggest disadvantage of this pillow for me is the price, which is high compared to others I’ve tested.
learn more: Night Pillow, $150 a night (Free shipping on orders over $50)

For back-and-side sleepers: Nest Easy Breathe Pillow, $89 at (includes free shipping)

nest bed

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The cooling fabric that surrounds this shredded memory foam pillow is remarkably cool to the touch compared to other pillows I’ve tested. I loved that it was easily adjustable by adding or removing fill – just add more foam and you get more height. What’s more, this pillow is Wirecutter’s best pillow, with the site noting: “A longtime favorite among our testers, this pillow has a moldable, customizable filling that’s firm for back- and side-sleepers.” provides support.” One thing I didn’t like was that it was one of the heavier pillows I’ve tried.
learn more: Nest Easy Breathe Pillow, $89 at (includes free shipping)

For stomach sleepers: SleepNumber PlushComfort Ultimate, $90 at

sleep number

This machine-washable, down-optional pillow has a microfiber fill like a down, and with three different inserts inside the brushed cotton cover, it’s easy to adjust to your preferred support level . It took me a while to get the right mix, but I found that the two inserts provide just the right amount of support for my stomach and armpit sleepers. When dressed in a pillowcase, the fabric of the pillow makes a slight sound as the materials rub together, but overall the pillow is one of the lightest I’ve tested and the filler redistributes nicely when fluffed. Which means it always looks plush over the bed and great under the head all night long. The Wirecutter named it one of their best pillows, noting that “this customizable down-alternative pillow is softer than shredded foam, so it’s better for stomach sleepers who need the Nest Easy Breathe.” Requires less scaffold than
learn more: SleepNumber PlushComfort Ultimate, $90 at

Choose Budget: Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow, $58.99 for set of 2 on Amazon


A plush gel fiber gives a springy feel to these pillows, which are made from latex, feathers, or other fillers. When rolling your head over the pillow, in addition to submerging moderately, it feels like you’re gliding across it – and its filler is spread evenly across the pillow as you move. The complete pillow is machine washable and tumble-dry safe and each order comes with two pillows, so you can share with your partner or double up on your support. Plus, these pillows have 4.4 out of 148,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.
learn more: Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow, $58.99 for set of 2 on Amazon


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