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Rape. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) sparked outrage online on Thursday after she attempted to support Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving’s refusal to vaccinate against Covid-19. attack on National Basketball Association and wrongly comparing coronavirus with HIV.

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Green paints NBA as “fascist” on Thursday afternoon Tweet Because the league “won’t let Kyrie Irving play for vaccine denial.”

The Georgia Congresswoman also accused the NBA of hypocrisy, declaring, “Yet they let Magic Johnson play with HIV.”

The reaction on social media to Greene was immediate, with many pointing out that the coronavirus is a highly contagious airborne virus that can spread from person to person through casual contact.

In contrast, HIV, which is usually spread through unprotected sex or sharing intravenous needles, cannot be transmitted through casual contact.

In addition, the NBA is not responsible for Irving being unable to play, as the league and player union have agreed that the vaccine mandate will not be implemented this season.

Irving’s inability to adapt this season is due to New York City’s vaccine mandate, which prevents him from playing in home games, and a consequential decision by the Nets’ ownership and managerial staff.

Main background:

Although the NBA said it would not enforce the vaccine requirement for players, the league informed teams in September that they would have to comply with local rules. Thus, Nets players are banned from entering their home turf in Brooklyn until they have been vaccinated. On Tuesday, Brooklyn general manager Sean Marks announced that, after consulting with billionaire owner Joe Tsai, Irving would not be allowed to play away games or practice with the team until he was vaccinated. On Wednesday, Irving finally broke his silence, insisting in an Instagram video that he is clearly not anti-vaccine, but that “no one should be forced to do anything with their body” and that ” Committed to standing with all those who believe what is right.” Green has sparked constant controversy in Congress since being elected in January and was twice suspended from Twitter over the summer. In late July, Green was hit with a 12-hour ban after falsely tweeting that it was dangerous to young people who weren’t obese. In August, he was suspended from the platform for a week after falsely claiming that the vaccines had “failed” and that the Food and Drug Administration should not approve them. Green has indicated support for a variety of statements. conspiracy theories, including baseless claims about 9/11 and “false flags“Related to mass shootings. While in office, he has used his Twitter account to promote the conspiracy theory that widespread voter fraud enabled Joe Biden”steal2020 presidential election. In 2017, Irving publicly declared his belief that the earth is flat. “It’s not even a conspiracy theory. The Earth is flat,” Irving argued.

tangent line:

Green is not the first person on the right to attempt to compare Covid-19 to HIV. On Wednesday, Republican congressional candidate Laverne Spicer in Florida expressed the same sentiment, and conservative pundit Clay Travis tweeted, “NBA allows Magic Johnson to play with HIV… covid The vaccine,” which he falsely claimed, “confers zero risk to any healthy adult.” Travis declared, “Covid is a much less dangerous virus than HIV”. However, 14,000. less than Americans die from AIDS every year, compared to the peak of the AIDS epidemic in the US in 1995 Centers for Disease Control Estimated The virus killed 50,000 people.

big number:

719,725. This is the number of Americans killed by Covid-19 in the past 18 months.

Main Critics:

In response to Green’s Post on Thursday, Eugene Scott, a reporter for the Washington Post, tweeted“This argument – which is rooted in myths and misinformation about how HIV is spread – is going to become a topic of discussion among some right-wingers.”


Spencer Heywood, NBA Hall of Famer and Dean Advisory Council member at Roseman University College of Medicine, told Businesshala via email Thursday evening that Irving is “missing an opportunity, not just a championship, and his For a responsibility to peers, but to be a real role model during the most severe public health crisis in our lifetime.” Heywood stressed that Irving “has a responsibility to be a role model in our league, in our community, and in our country,” and “I hope Kyrie will meet this moment as we fight against this virus.” I am, she is older than any one person.”


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