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One of the most devastating hurricane seasons on record is drawing to a close Tuesday when the US was battered by powerful storms that caused billions of dollars in damage and more than 100 deaths — here’s a recap of the historic impacts.

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There were 21 named storms during the 2021 season, ending the seasonal naming list for tropical systems for only the third time in its 68-year history.

Total storm damage estimated to be at least $70 billion, the fourth highest on record, but more than 90% It resulted from a single storm—Hurricane Ida.

Ida made landfall along the Louisiana coast on August 29 with sustained winds of 150 mph, tying it as the most powerful hurricane in terms of wind speed ever recorded in the state.

hundreds of thousands of people were at least temporarily displaced The storm, which left coastal communities largely uninhabited and caused heavy damage in the Gulf Coast, left much of the region without electricity or other basic resources for weeks.

The storm remained unusually strong while crossing through the US before dumping historic amounts of rain, flooding subway stations and basement-level apartments in the New York City area—48 deaths reported in New York and New Jersey, 95 in the US Hurricane Ida represents more than half of all deaths.

Ida hit the US just weeks after Tropical Storm Fred made landfall, which caused historic flooding in mountainous areas of Tennessee and North Carolina, killing at least seven people.

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