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Tennis star Novak Djokovic thanked his fans for the support they showed in an Instagram post on Friday as he canceled his visa to compete at the Australian Open amid a vaccine exemption controversy that detained a Czech tennis player. Appeal to appeal was awaited for the hearing of the court. She reportedly arrived in Australia with the same exemption as Djokovic.

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The 34-year-old tennis champion said on social media: “Thank you people around the world for your continued support. I can feel it and it is greatly appreciated.”

in another message written In Serbian, he expressed his gratitude for supporting his family and “all good people” around the world, adding: “Thank you dear God for health.”

Djokovic is staying at a Melbourne hotel for detained asylum seekers until a court hearing on Monday to appeal the cancellation of their visas after landing in Australia to play at the Australian Open.

Anonymous sources told Sydney Morning Herald It is possible that they may have been given exemption on the basis of Kovid-19 infection within the last six months.

The controversy over the medical exemption from the requirement of the Kovid-19 vaccine given to Djokovic has snowballed in the past few days.

Czech tennis player Renata Vorakova—who was reportedly given the same vaccine exemption as Djokovic—and “several other players” have been detained by the Australian Border Force at the same facility as the top-ranked male player, according So far Czech Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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