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Bargaining chain Dollar Tree – known for its $1 price tag on all products – is raising its prices for the first time in three decades, in a change they say is not related to rising inflation leading to rising costs of goods nationwide. She goes.

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Starting next month, prices for Dollar Trees nationwide will increase to $1.25, in a rollout that will be completed early next year, the company said. announced on Tuesday,

In a statement, Dollar Tree said the change, which is permanent, “is not a response to transient or short-term market conditions.”

The increased prices will allow the store to re-introduce products that are too expensive to keep in the store, increase employee pay and help with operating costs.

They don’t expect an additional quarter to deter customers: In stores that had already tested high prices, 91% of customers surveyed said they intended to shop at Dollar Tree at the same frequency as before. is of

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