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Dua Lipa announces her email News bulletin. started communicating. email inbox.

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Service95, an allusion to her year of birth and a feeling that she “served” her fans, is a weekly newspaper that follows many of Lipa’s appearances from the time she toured the world as a pop star, Lipa. Will make recommendations. said In a video announcing the brand.

The newsletter will feature a personal note each week from Lipa with her curated travel tips and recommendations from “a plethora of global voices” on art, politics and global issues “What I’ve been up to and what I’ve discovered.” ” ,” He said the trend,

While Service95 will touch on beauty and wellbeing, Lipa said she wants to use the platform to create space for organizers to break down complex issues and provide “tools to make a difference” for her readers.

The project will also include a podcast called at your service, where Lipa will interview activists and celebrities to uncover inspiring figures and causes.

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