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Early reports from the UK, Norway and South Africa suggest the Omicron variant may be more transmissible but causes milder symptoms of COVID-19 than earlier variants, although a clear picture is still weeks away as the world Researchers across the world are in the race to understand the new strain. If treatments and vaccines are still effective.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Early evidence Tuesday suggests it is more permeable than Delta, though it noted that it is too early to draw firm conclusions on the matter.

Patients infected with the Omicron coronavirus disease at a Christmas party, in Norway, Allegedly World’s largest outbreak outside South Africa, has mild symptoms, treating doctor told them Wire,

Officials believe the sheer number of people infected at the event – ​​about 60 believed to be infected with the Omicron variant (13 proven by genetic testing) – reflect a more transmissible variant.

None of the patients in the outbreak have been treated in hospital or have become seriously ill after infection, said Tyne Ravalo, health officer for the city of Oslo in the district that the outbreak took place. telegraph, Instead Having “symptoms such as fever, cough, headache, muscle aches, fatigue”.

The report, although preliminary and lacking many important details, is consistent with the preliminary reports And statistics from South Africa, indicating a spike in infections associated with a different but more mild disease.

majority of Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 did not require supplemental oxygen, some developed pneumonia or were admitted to intensive care, and the average stay in a COVID ward was significantly higher than the average for the previous 18 months (2.8 days versus 8.5 days). was less. , according to data from a group of hospitals in South Africa’s Gauteng province, where the variant was first identified.

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