Elon Musk is now working out of Twitter headquarters, thanks employees for long hours

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  • In an email on Friday, Musk thanked the employees who worked with him in Twitter’s offices late Thursday and invited him to meet with him in person on Friday to discuss the company’s future.
  • He also said he would be fine with people who are “performing at an exceptional level” if they can’t overcome it, but they love the collaboration in the office.
  • Employees told CNBC they had not received formal guidance from HR on remote working.

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on Friday, TwitterThe new owner of Elon Musk sent a companywide email to the social media giant’s employees thanking them for the long hours they’ve worked since taking over on October 28.

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Musk said he also stayed at Twitter’s headquarters office in San Francisco late Thursday. He then invited employees, who have returned to the San Francisco office after a 50% reduction in workforce last week, to join him.

Overnight, Twitter appeared to be pausing its $7.99-per-month Twitter Blue subscription service, which allowed users of the social network to pay to receive a blue verified-subscriber check mark. Many users misused the new customer badge to impersonate brands and celebrities, who secured a blue check mark through the company’s basic verification system.

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Among the brands that were impersonated were pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, video game multinational Nintendo and Musk’s electric vehicle company, Tesla,

Two current Twitter employees told CNBC they were calling on coworkers and customers about all the changes to the platform.

One said Twitter used to make product changes more slowly and carefully, as they had to balance user behavior, security and revenue impact. Musk’s new, more experimental approach has puzzled many, including advertisers and even the Federal Trade Commission.

Employees also said they wanted more clarity about the company’s new time-off and return-to-office policies, and Musk’s e-mail left them with questions. Friday is a national holiday in the US, Veterans Day, and some workers weren’t expected to have to come in, while others are wondering if they still have approved exceptions that would allow them to continue working from home. . Two employees told CNBC that they had not received formal guidance from the company’s human resources department on remote working.

Musk told Twitter employees on Wednesday that he was reversing the company’s previous “work from home forever” policy, which was implemented by his personal friend and colleague, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Here’s an e-mail from Musk to Twitter employees on Friday, penned by CNBC:

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