Elon Musk issues ultimatum to Twitter staff: Commit to an ‘extremely hardcore’ working culture or leave

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  • Musk said workers must go along with the promise if they want to stay
  • Those who do not sign up by 22:00 today will have to leave.

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Elon Musk told Twitter employees to stick to an “extremely hardcore” work culture or leave.

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In an email to all employees yesterday, the social network’s new owner said workers must go along with the promise if they want to stay.

Those who do not register by 10 p.m. today will receive three months’ severance pay.

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Elon Musk said Twitter ‘has to be extremely hardcore’ to succeed

Musk said Twitter “has to be extremely hardcore” to be successful. “That will mean long hours of high-intensity work,” he wrote. “Only exceptional work will be considered a passing score.”

The workers were told they needed to click the link today if they wanted to be “part of the new Twitter.” He added: “Whatever decision you make, thank you for your efforts to make Twitter a success.”

Musk also gave the strongest hint that he is looking for someone to run the business for the long term.

In court in Delaware, where he is defending his £47 billion Tesla payout package, he said: “After the acquisition, an initial surge of activity is needed to reorganize the company.

“But then I’m looking forward to cutting back on my time on Twitter.”

Musk is known for his relentless work ethic. Employees at automaker Tesla say it may be inspiring but exhausting for those who can’t keep up.

He is determined to change Twitter and has laid off half of its 7,500 employees and stopped working from home following his £38bn deal two weeks ago.

Musk said he had to cut spending as he was losing £3.5 million a day, blaming “activist groups putting pressure on advertisers” for a “significant drop in revenue”. Many top managers have retired since its purchase.

Musk leads Twitter, Tesla, and the rocket company Space X.

Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, said it’s clear that the Twitter culture has “dramatically changed.”

“Elon Musk will run Twitter the same way he did with Tesla and Space X,” he said.

“He’s not going to have candlelit dinners and play ping pong in the Twitter cafeteria and that’s a shock to the system. But he needs to be good, because if key engineers and developers leave, there will be a big void in the Twitter ecosystem. In this tightrope action, a careful balance awaits him.”

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