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Twitter owner Elon Musk said Thursday that he is “forgiving” nearly all banned accounts on the platform, a consequential policy change that… vote It comes just days after former President Donald Trump’s account was reinstated after conducting another similar survey of the billionaire’s followers.

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musk, whose unscientific vote Received more than 3.1 million votes since being posted on Wednesday, Told He will start restoring suspended accounts from “next week”.

musk unscientific vote It attracted over 3.1 million votes, with 72.4% in favor of comprehensive restoration.

On Saturday, Musk reinstated Trump just minutes after a poll closed that asked whether the former president’s ban should be lifted, with more than 15 million in favor of allowing Trump to return. 51.8% of the votes were cast.

Twitter has unbanned many suspends Accounts Since Musk took the stage last month — featuring rapper Kanye West, firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and profiles for the conservative satirical website Babylon Bee — but hard-right activists are pushing for a much broader reinstatement, which includes banning accounts for sharing hate speech or misinformation. For.

Musk has been particularly motivated to reinstate conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who was permanently banned in 2018 for abusive behavior, though the billionaire has repeatedly Told Ahead of Wednesday’s vote he said he would not allow her back on stage.

important quotes

Musk announced his decision and the outcome of the election, tweeting, "The people have spoken... vox populi, vox dei." is the phrase identical Used by Musk when reinstating Trump. in Latin, phrase be transformed From: "The voice of the people, the voice of God."

what to watch

Green retweeted A list of figures followed on Tuesday, with many on the right-wing calling for reinstatement, such as Jones, alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and Canadian white nationalist Stephen Molyneux.

main background

Before taking over Twitter, Musk had vowed to allow all speech permitted by law on the platform once he became owner, and he said last week Twitter had a new policy of "freedom of speech, but not freedom of access". Is. Musk said Twitter would not promote and display Tweets containing hate speech or other "negative" content. The new policy follows a chaotic few weeks filled with confusion over Twitter's moderation practices, with Musk initially saying that existing moderation policies would remain in place until a "Content Moderation Council" was formed to determine future steps. is not called, although many observers are now in confusion If such a panel is ever made. The billionaire's previous comments on moderation policies appear to be an attempt to assuage advertisers concerned about Twitter's future under Musk, as several high-profile brands including General Mills, Ford and Chipotle pulled back on ad spending. Musk said shortly before taking over Twitter that he would not allow the platform to become a "free-for-all hellscape".

forbes valuation

$191.4 billion. This is the estimated net worth of Elon Musk forbes' Real-time tracker. The figure makes Musk, best known for cofounding and leading Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company, the richest person on the planet. Musk bought Twitter in October for $44 billion.

what we won't know

In the month since he took office, Musk has yet to clarify how he plans to moderate the content and has assured that no decision will be made before a diverse moderation "council". Which seems to be a popular one. Online Vote. Whatever Musk's vision, it's unclear whether Twitter will have enough employees left to actually implement it. The exodus of workers since layoffs, resignations and firings has decimated or even wiped out some Twitter teams, many of which are reportedly critical to the functioning of the platform. regulator, particularly In Europe — Twitter's office in Brussels, a major EU center for lawmaking and regulation, has reportedly been completely shut down — has already raised concerns that the firm lacks the resources to properly manage and manage the platform. There may not be enough staff to adequately combat disruption and hate speech. This type of material has reportedly increased since Musk took over, according to the firm's former security chief Joel Roth and Reporting From outlets like Bloomberg.

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