Elon Musk, Senator Ed Markey Duke It Out on Twitter

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Since the acquisition of Twitter for an estimated $44 billion, Elon Musk has made many enemies.

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Before he expressed interest in owning the company, Musk has been known to use the platform to get controversial with his rivals and trolls, and his latest duel with Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts is no exception. .

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Markey took to Twitter to express his dismay over the weekend, when he claimed a Washington Post reporter created a parody account impersonating him after buying a blue checkmark, even calling Musk a To write a long letter asking how it happened. And how can it be stopped.

a @Washington Post Reporter was able to create a verified account impersonating me—I’m asking for answers @Elon Musk Which is putting profit on people and their debt by stopping the propaganda. Twitter should explain how this happened and how to prevent it from happening again. pic.twitter.com/R4r7p6mduP

— Ed Markey (@SenMarkey) 11 November 2022

Markey wrote, “Your Twitter acquisition, rapid and random changes to the platform, removal of safeguards against misinformation, and the dismissal of a large number of Twitter employees has accelerated Twitter’s entry into the Wild West. This is unacceptable.” Is.” “Twitter and its leadership have a responsibility to the public to ensure that the platform does not become a breeding ground for manipulation and deceit.”

Not one to accept the criticism, Musk immediately hit back at the senator, comparing his account to a “parody” and mocking his profile photo.

And why is there a mask in your PP!?

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 13 November 2022

Musk’s two-tweet response garnered more than 280,000 combined likes.

Markey responded quickly, calling out Musk’s several other companies and the current investigation surrounding him, asking the billionaire to “fix” him before starting feuds on Twitter.

One of your companies is subject to an FTC consent decree. Auto safety watchdog NHTSA is conducting another investigation into the murder of people. And you are spending your time picking fights online. Fix your companies. Or Congress will. https://t.co/lE178gPROM

— Ed Markey (@SenMarkey) 13 November 2022

The billionaire has also been known to call it out with Senator Elizabeth Warren via Twitter, as Senator Musk and others have been adamant about higher taxes on billionaires, something Musk disagrees with.

“You remind me when I was a kid and my friend’s angry mom screamed randomly at everyone for no reason,” she told him on stage last December.

As of Monday afternoon, Musk’s net worth was estimated at $198.8 billion.

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