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Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, sold a sizable chunk of stock this week to help pay taxes on options he received nearly a decade ago, new regulatory filings showed Wednesday—of the eccentric billionaire. Just days after he suggested he make a rare sale in response to the billionaire tax proposal discussed last month in Washington, D.C.

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in two sawdust Released Wednesday evening by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Musk revealed that he exercised approximately 2.2 million stock options worth about $2.2 billion on Monday for about $13.4 million and then for just over $1.1 billion the same day. Sold around 934,000 shares for Rs.

a Chain Filings released later on Wednesday night show Musk sold another 3.6 million shares over the next two days at an average price of about $1,070, as prices crashed due to speculation over a potential sale.

The sale comes after Musk on Saturday Called To help Twitter users decide whether they should sell 10% of their nearly 23% stake in Tesla in response to a short-term legislative proposal that raised taxes to help avoid taxes on billionaires’ unrealized stock gains. would have helped to avoid it.

Although users voted overwhelmingly for Musk to make the sale, footnotes in Wednesday’s regulatory filing reveal that the 50-year-old plans to sell the initial tranche of shares sold on Monday (valued at $1.1 billion) next year. To help foot the bill for expiring options. Year.

Combined, this week’s transactions represent about 3% of Musk’s total stake; He still owns about 168 million Tesla shares.

Musk, who did not immediately respond Businesshala, Request for Comment sold the shares at an average price of about $1,070—a nearly 160% runup in prices over the past year, but 13% lower than an all-time high set Thursday.


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