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Glossier founder Emily Weiss wrote Tuesday instagram She will step down as the company’s CEO and remain on as executive chairman following criticism following major layoffs at the beauty brand.

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Weiss, who appeared on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2014, said he had named Cole Haan and Kyle Leahy, a former Nike executive, to immediately replace him as CEO.

In an Instagram post, the 37-year-old said she “wasn’t going anywhere” but serving as the founder of Glossier as well as “areas I love” including “products, creatives” and “brands”. It was taking longer to focus on doing. ,

Announcement Glossier. comes after cut More than 80 employees—a third of its corporate workforce—including several technology team members, Weiss said followed the layoffs in January 2022 after the company was “distracted” from other projects.

one in StatementWeiss said she considers it each year to see if she’s the “best person” to lead the company and found Leahy to “inspire a new direction” for the beauty brand.

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