‘Encanto’ is Disney Animation’s 60th film, and critics say it’s among the best

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  • Disney’s “Encanto” has been widely praised by critics for its animation style, variety, and “spelling binding” lyrics. It currently holds a 93% “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 69 reviews.
  • Due in theaters ahead of Thanksgiving, Disney’s latest animated film centers on the Madrigals, a family that hides in the mountains of Colombia at a place called Encanto.

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Walt Disney Animation Studios has been offering people engaging animated feature films since 1937. Critics say that its 60th feature, “Encanto”, is one of the best.

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Due in theaters before Thanksgiving, the film centers on the Madrigals, a family who hide in the mountains of Colombia in a place called Encanto.

The family arrived in Encanto after Abuela Alma was forced to run away from home with her three children. She was granted a miracle, which provided her with a magical home and blessed every child in the family with unique gifts – except Mirabel.

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However, when the magic surrounding Encanto is under threat, causing the foundation of the house to collapse and the Madrigals’ powers to disappear, Mirabelle steps in and figures out how to stop it.

The film has been widely praised by critics for its animation style, variety and “spelling bond” songs. It currently holds a 93% “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 82 reviews.

Scott Mendelson, reviewing the film for Forbes, said “Disney’s 60th animated feature is one of their best.”

“Even with some serious undertones and thematic elements curtailed from time to time, it is this generally joyous and thrilling color fantasy that will once again make us realize just how much visual wonder we take for granted in modern animation. are,” he wrote.

Here’s what some critics thought of Disney’s “Encanto” ahead of its debut Wednesday:

Maya Phillips, The New York Times

Disney’s two animation studios have long been praised for their revolutionary techniques in creating delicate details, from sewing on clothes to realistic hair. “Encanto” continues that tradition.

“Computer animation, some of the best from any major studio over the years, presents a dazzling combination of colors and a meticulous weave of precious details – such as the embroidery on the skirt, the golden-brown layer of a cheese arepa and the native Colombian A selection of flora,” said Maya Phillips, author of The New York Times.

Phillips said that “Encanto” has a “strong association with and respect for Latino culture,” noting that members of the Madrigal family have a range of skin tones from light to dark and hair textures that range from straight to kinky- Varies up to curly. It is a spectrum that is representative of diversity within the Latino community.

“And the contemporary musical film score, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s gorgeous Pooh-Bah, provides a mesmerizing soundtrack of songs combining salsa, bachata and hip-hop played with Colombian traditional folk instruments,” says Phillips. wrote.

Read the full review from The New York Times.

Caroline Seide, AV Club

“From ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ to ‘Rae and the Last Dragon,’ Walt Disney Animation Studios has spent the past eight decades perfecting its signature riff on the classic hero’s journey,” Carolyn Seide said in reviewing the film. written. AV Club. “So it’s a bold move that for its 60th feature, ‘Encanto,’ the studio turns many of those classic tropes on their heads.”

Seide notes that unlike many of Disney’s animated characters, Mirabelle Madrigal not only has two surviving parents, but is surrounded by an extended extended family.

“How fun to see a Disney heroine with cousins,” she wrote.

She explained that Mirabelle’s lack of magical abilities also sets her apart from other Disney heroines. In many cases, Disney heroes either have special gifts or skills that set them apart from other characters.

“It makes Mirabelle a kind of upside-down Elsa, if you will, and instead of going on an adventure to find herself, her search leads to the history of her own family and the secrets buried inside it,” says Seide. wrote. “Therein lies the biggest innovation of ‘Encanto’: It’s a Disney adventure that never leaves home.”

Read the full review from The AV Club.

Owen Gleberman, Variety

Owen Gleberman wrote in his review of the film for Variety, “Lin-Manuel Miranda’s lyrics are infectiously infectious, clever in word-weaving, and immaculately romantic; they stop the film.”

Miranda has collaborated with Disney on several projects in recent years, including “Moana” and the studio’s upcoming live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid.”

“And the whole picture is complex and complete enough to create an era when your average Disney house was several levels below an animated feature Pixar that feels like ancient history,” Gleberman wrote. “Yet for all the dazzle on display, it wouldn’t make sense if ‘Encanto’ didn’t present its heroine’s moving journey in a way that just took you by surprise.”

“That’s the key to captivating animation — it keeps an enthusiastic beat ahead of the audience,” he said.

Read the full review from Variety.

Scott Mendelson, Forbes

Mendelson was one of many critics who praised the film’s voice cast. In particular, he pointed to John Leguizamo—who voices an uncle whose ability to see the future puts him at odds with his family—as a performance that is “equal parts comedy and sadness”.

While Mendelson criticized Miranda’s lyrics by frequently repeating information already given to the audience, he noted that Disney cleverly used the film not only to introduce diverse characters but also to tell a unique story.

Mendelson wrote, “‘Encanto’ utilizes the commercial freedom of being a massive Disney Animation release, both to exist as a triumph of demographic representation and not to use that representational milestone to tell an otherwise generic story.” Huh.”

“Mirabel joins the ranks among one of the more felt-loved Disney heroines, partly because she doesn’t need to hit the ‘bad-ass female warrior who isn’t your everyday princess’ notes,” he said. said. “If anything, Strange Misfit is someone who would usually be a supporting character in a traditional animated epic, and that adds to his universal relativity.”

Read the full review from Forbes.


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