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ESPN anchor Sage Steele – who has been criticized for mocking the mask mandate – denounced the coronavirus vaccine mandate, calling them “sick” during an appearance on the podcast. With Jay Cutler uncircumcised.

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Steele said he only got vaccinated against the coronavirus to keep his job at ESPN, which is owned by Disney, adding that he had until September 30 “to get it done, or I’m out.”

She said she “respects everyone’s decision” to vaccinate, but believes that making vaccinations mandatory is “sickening” and “scary for me in many ways”.

Steele’s ESPN affiliate Alison Williams, who covered college football, Relieve After deciding not to get vaccinated last month when she and her husband were trying to conceive their second child.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no evidence that vaccines cause Fertility problems for men or women, and that data show They are safe for pregnant women.

main background

Disney announced In July it would require all salaried and non-union hourly workers in the US to be vaccinated against the coronavirus within 60 days, ahead of President Joe Biden’s order earlier this month to ensure companies with 100 or more employees Will require that their employees be vaccinated or submit tests. There has been some pushback from workers refusing vaccination. Employees of hospital systems in Delaware and North Carolina who refuse to comply with workplace vaccination policies have recently been terminated. United Airlines employees who refuse to be vaccinated company deadline May also be dismissed on Tuesday. The US Department of Justice has said that federal law does not prevent private companies and federal agencies from requiring workers to get vaccinated.

big number

183.9 million. That is, how many people in America have been fully vaccinated According For the Centers for Disease Control, 55.4% percent of the US population.

Biden orders vaccine-or-testing mandates for businesses with 100 or more workersBusinesshala)

Hospitals begin to lay off staff who refuse COVID vaccines – some fearing staff shortages (Businesshala)