Even Google is taking advantage of the pandemic-fueled pizza boom

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The pizza boom continues.

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Americans have long eaten more than their fair share of Italian favorites. But pizza sales skyrocketed during the pandemic for a variety of reasons. And while excitement has picked up in recent months – industry giant Domino’s DPZ,
recently reported Slight drop in salesAccording to The Wall Street Journal, later Seeing notable gains in 2020 – Some pizza businesses say they find themselves on solid ground and are looking to expand.

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even google google,
Getting in on the pizza game – literally. On Monday the Internet search giant unveiled Pizza-themed interactive challenge As part of its regular series of Google Doodles. Google officials explained that it coincides with the fourth anniversary of UNESCO, the United Nations organization, recognizing the art of Italian pizza makers as part of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage”.

But pizza isn’t just about heritage. It’s about big business.

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Just ask Brandon Hoy, one of the owners of Roberta’s, an acclaimed, New York City-based pizza establishment that’s heading in many directions. Hoy said his company’s sales have been strong during the pandemic — notably, sales of Roberta’s frozen pizza nearly doubled in 2020. In addition, Roberta’s has opened new locations everywhere from New York to Nashville, with plans to add more in the coming days. years.

“Pizza sales are so big,” Hoy said.

Others in the industry are equally fast. Little Caesars, the national chain, recently said that it is looking at adding more than 100 locations. “The pizza industry is clearly doing quite well, so we’ve taken advantage of that,” said Craig Sherwood, the chain’s vice president of American development, An interview with QSR, a trade publication for the restaurant industry.

There’s no real secret to why pizza is popular, say culinary pros and experts. It’s a food item that has an intrinsic appeal and examines what restaurant-industry consultant Stephen Zagor calls the three 3Cs for food-business success—namely, that it’s cheap, comfortable, and convenient.

Plus, Zagor says it’s an item that’s easily adaptable in terms of different toppings—Thanksgiving pizza, anyone? – or regional approach.

“It’s an incredible canvas for creativity,” Zagor said.

Consider just one trending pizza style—the Detroit pie, with cheese that goes all the way up to the crust. It is now offered throughout the country. Pizza Hut Yum,
Another industry giant put it on its menu Too.

Pizza establishments did particularly well during the pandemic, culinary professionals say, for one root reason: These businesses were adept at offering delivery and takeout for many years before the health crisis. So, when the pandemic prompted more consumers to order from home, pizzerias were able to meet the challenge with ease.

“They didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. They already had the platform and the technology,” said Arlene Spiegel, a New York-based restaurant consultant.


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