Former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder told state-owned Russian energy company Rosneft he intends to resign from its board, the company announced Friday, in a major concession from the Kremlin-allied German who fell into disgrace following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Key Facts

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German businessman and Nord Stream AG chief executive Matthias Warnig also informed Rosneft of his exit from its board, the company said in a statement reported on by Reuters and Deutsche Welle,

Rosneft said in the statement it is “sympathetic” to their resignations and thanked the two Germans “for their continued support.”

The resignation of Schröder, who served as Germany’s chancellor from 1998 to 2005, comes a day after the German government stripped him of some special rights as a former head of state and the European Union’s European Parliament backed sanctions against Europeans serving on the boards of Russian companies.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday four Rosneft vice presidents are leaving the company, citing people familiar with the matter.