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One person was killed and another injured Sunday in a car explosion outside a hospital in Liverpool, England, which has been declared a terrorist incident, police said.

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A taxi was pulled over outside the Women’s Hospital in the city center in the incident, which took place at around 10:59 a.m. local time. Exploding, said the local Merseyside Police Statement,

Police have arrested four persons in connection with the incident said Monday.

The unidentified taxi passenger died, while driver David Perry was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and discharged. BBC,

the police said At a press conference on Monday, he is believed to be carrying an explosive device in the passenger cab which suddenly went off.

Perry had gotten out of the car and locked the doors before the explosion, and has been assessed Thanks to his “heroic efforts” to avert a “terrible disaster”.

Liverpool Mayor Joan Anderson tweeted On Sunday that the incident was “disturbing and disturbing” but thanked emergency services for their “rapid response”.


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