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The Federal Aviation Authority has proposed assessing $201,287 in fines on 10 passengers who have been charged with physical assault on airplanes, as part of the agency’s crackdown on a spate of disruptive and violent incidents on flights this year. As said on Wednesday.

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In May, a passenger was fined $32,000 after allegedly punching and yelling at family members before throwing garbage at a flight attendant on a Horizon Air flight from Austin, Texas to San Francisco.

Another passenger faces a $25,000 charge arising from a February Southwest Airlines flight where he is accused of refusing to place his carry-on luggage placed on the armrest of a chair, disembarking from the plane. Time spoke obscenely loudly and spat on the crew member.

According to the agency, four passengers allegedly assaulted crew members when they were asked to follow a federal face mask policy Announcement,

Passengers accused of assault can appeal against the proposed fine and have 30 days to respond to the agency after receiving the enforcement letter.

This year there have been more than 100 reports of disturbances involving physical attacks on airplanes, the FAA said in a statement.

The agency said the number of attack incidents has decreased since the agency introduced a zero-tolerance policy, but noted that “the rate remains very high.”

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