Facebook drops 36 spots on Glassdoor’s annual Best Places to Work list after a year of PR crises

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  • The Facebook parent meta platform dropped 36 places in Glassdoor’s annual ranking of the best places to work in a year marked by major public relations woes.
  • A trove of internal documents released by a former employee sparked a series of hearings and public outcry against the company.
  • Chipmaker Nvidia tops the list, followed by HubSpot and Bain & Company, all with a score of 4.6 out of 5.

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Facebook parent meta platforms dropped Glassdoor’s 36 locations Annual ranking of the best places to work In the US, the number fell from 11 to 47 in a year marked by major public relations crises.

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The company, which rebranded from Facebook last year but continues to operate the social media platform under that name, has made the list for 12 years, but remains its lowest in the 100-company ranking.

Glassdoor said employees provide the company with autonomy in their work, providing broader benefits and giving them the opportunity to work on a product with great reach and with co-workers.

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But many also described negative issues such as unwanted public scrutiny, a lack of action from leadership on forum issues, and questions about the company’s future direction.

Meta has come under renewed fire from lawmakers and the public after a former employee leaked thousands of pages of internal research into how its products affect users. Last fall, former employee, Frances Haugen, shared the document with several news outlets, including wall street journal, as well as Congress, and filed complaints with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

One of the documents that most angered many lawmakers showed the company had researched its Instagram photo-sharing platform to find that a small number of teenage girls who responded to a survey had mental health issues. would increase. other documents Revealed a system Facebook used to give special attention to some high-profile users When it came to material-restraint decisions.

The company has dismissed those reports, but has also taken steps to heed criticism from lawmakers, such as stopping work on a version of Instagram for children.

Prior to Haugen’s leak, the company, like many of its social media peers, faced heat over its handling of COVID, along with its decision to suspend former President Donald Trump from the platform in the wake of the January 6 uprising. Was being 19 wrong information.

Facebook’s list has had several notable ups and downs over the years. The company claimed the top spot in 2018, but collapsed the following year as a result of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

Facebook’s rating on the list this year came in at 4.3 out of 5; The Glassdoor algorithm is based on reviews and ratings left by employees over the 12-month period ending October 2021.

Glassdoor ranked chipmaker Nvidia as the best place to work in 2022, followed by HubSpot and Bain & Company, all with a score of 4.6 out of 5.

Another tech company that saw a big drop in the list was Zoom, from No. 22 last year to No. 100. Its fall is the biggest drop on the list. In addition, employees identified benefits, unlimited pay time and a passion for creating products during periods of growth, but some perceived negative changes in culture during times of high business demand and fast-paced work environments.

Overall, 40 of the 100 companies on the US list came from the tech sector, up from 28 a year ago. The list includes companies with at least 1,000 employees.

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