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The government’s chief infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, retracted a claim earlier this week that the booster shot needs to be considered a complete vaccination in an interview on Sunday. This week – Although that may change, he said.

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Fauci said “The fully vaccinated right now is, by definition, the original two doses of Pfizer and Moderna and one dose of J and J.”

Although earlier this week, in a pre-taped video for the STAT news summit, the White House’s chief medical adviser said He “believes” that “a third shot boost for mRNA” [vaccine]

… should be part of the de facto standard system” and not “an add-on”.

Fauci did not rule out the possibility that booster shots may be necessary to fully vaccinate, saying that his team will “continue to follow the data” and monitor how immunity to COVID-19 builds, and How long does this increased immunity last after additional doses?

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