FBI searched New Jersey former landfill for body of Jimmy Hoffa, long-missing Teamsters union chief

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  • In October, the FBI searched a site of a former landfill in northern New Jersey for the body of Jimmy Hoffa.
  • Former Teamsters union leader Hoffa disappeared in 1975 amid a feud with a New Jersey Mafia boss.
  • The 2019 Martin Scorsese film, “The Irishman,” detailed one of several theories about what happened to Hoffa.

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Is the body of long-missing Teamsters union boss Jimmy Hoffa actually found buried in the dirt somewhere near the swamps of Jersey?

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The FBI confirmed to NBC News that in October it searched a site of a former landfill in northern New Jersey for Hoffa’s body, apparently based in a tip from the son of Landfill business partner who claimed to have buried him.

The discovery of Hoffa under a heavy-duty bridge in Jersey City is the latest in decades that have been one of law enforcement’s wildest swans, with multiple location searches over the years.

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Most of those searches took place in Michigan, where Hoffa was last seen in 1975, when he lost control of the largest union in the United States, and was sentenced to prison terms for jury tampering, mail and wire fraud, and conspiracy. was given. ,

One infamous tip, which went undiscovered, was that Hoffa was buried in the concrete foundations of the old Giants Stadium in Meadowlands, New Jersey.

The 2019 Martin Scorsese film “The Irishman”, based on the non-fiction book “I Heard You Paint Houses”, details alleged Mafia hitman and Teamsters officer Frank Sheeran’s controversial claim that he killed Hoffa, after which The last rites were performed in

latest search was first reported on Thursday by The New York Times. Investigative reporter Dan Moldia Originally written about the tip that led to the discovery,

“Last month, the FBI obtained a search warrant to conduct a site survey under Pulaski Skyway, Mara Schneider, an FBI spokeswoman from the Detroit Field Office, told NBC News.

“On October 25 and 26, FBI personnel from the Newark and Detroit field offices completed the survey and that data is currently being analyzed,” Schneider said.

“Since the affidavit in support of the search warrant was sealed by the court, we are unable to provide any additional information.”

News of the discovery came the same week that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters elected Sean O’Brien as their general president, replacing Hoffa’s son, James Hoffa. who had worked in that role for 22 years. The younger Hoffa did not seek re-election.

The tip about the alleged whereabouts of his father’s body came from Frank Capola, son of former landfill business partner Paul Capola.

According to Moldia’s account, Paul Capola, as he neared death in 2008, told Frank that he had found Hoffa’s body 55 after the labor leader’s disappearance in 1975, amid a dispute with New Jersey mafia gangster Anthony “Tony Pro”. Galleon was buried in a steel drum. Provenzano.

“Unknown people brought Hoffa’s body to the site”, Frank later wrote, summarizing what his father had told him.

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Frank Capola passed away in 2020.

Moldia told The Times that the FBI contacted him later that year after writing about Frank’s claims.

The Times reports that records show the FBI had received suggestions over the years, including in 1975, that Hoffa was buried in a Jersey City landfill. An earlier search based on those tips didn’t find anything.


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