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The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that it has authorized Covid-19 booster shots for Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna Vaccines for all adults, but recent surveys show that fully vaccinated minorities The booster cannot be found.

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According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a majority of 53% of vaccinated Americans had either already received a booster or “definitely” plan to get one. vote The survey was conducted on October 14-24 among 1,519 respondents, and 24% said they would probably get an additional dose.

Another 9% said they “definitely” won’t get a booster shot and 12% probably won’t, according to KFF.

Opposition to the booster shot was highest among Republicans, with 38% either probably or definitely not getting the extra shot, versus 24% of independents and just 9% of Democrats.

Similarly Morning Consulting Poll was conducted on 7-9 October met While 80% of most vaccinated respondents have either already received or are planning to receive additional shots, 13% are not sure they will get a booster shot and 7% do not plan to receive one.

That poll, conducted among 1,488 respondents, recorded a high percentage of Republicans opposed to the shot, with 39% of GOP respondents saying they would not get a booster dose and 19% who are not sure (versus a combined 22% of Democrats who oppose). or are uncertain).

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