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Landlords are not evicting tenants en masse as some advocates feared after the Supreme Court stayed President Joe Biden’s eviction in late August, According to Reporting from the Associated Press, but new federal data shows that a large proportion of tenants are behind on rent and worry they will be evicted in the coming months.

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After months of delay, states have started sending out more federal rent assistance, AP reported, helping 420,000 people in August compared to 340,000 in July

The AP reports that seeing federal aid coming in, some landlords have decided to wait a bit longer for the checks instead of evicting tenants.

rental assistance and eviction diversion program Runs by state and local governments have helped keep more people in their homes, said Gene Sperling, whom Biden signed in March to oversee the distribution of aid to state and local governments from a $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill. Assigned, told the AP.

Many tenants still lag behind in their payments: In the second half of September, 14% of renters reported census Bureau They didn’t catch up on payments and about 10% said they didn’t believe they would be able to pay next month’s rent.

According to the Census Bureau report, more than half of the tenants were late on their payments by more than a month, and more than half are expected to be evicted in the next two months.

In the absence of a national adjournment, the Biden administration on Wednesday announced Landlords will no longer be able to evict tenants in housing subsidized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) without a month’s notice and letting them know they can apply for federal money to help pay their rent. .

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“What’s out there so far is definitely better than anyone’s best case last month,” Sperling told the AP. But “these numbers are still preliminary, uncertain and these reports do not show additional pain and difficulty,” he said.

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While there is no federal eviction ban since August 27, when the Supreme Court overturned Biden’s executive order, six states still there was an adjournment According to legal publisher Nolo, rules were in place on October 1, and at least some utilities in three states closed.

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544,000. he is how many evictions Landlords have filed after eviction tracking systems at Princeton University in only six states—Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri and New Mexico—since mid-March 2020.

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The vast majority of rental aid still hasn’t been given: states have sent just $7.7 billion in rental aid in 2021 out of the $46.5 billion that has been funded so far. pandemic aid bill Signed in December and March. If money doesn’t flow fast and fast, some landlords may lose patience and choose to evict tenants instead.

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