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A version of the “Fearless Girl” sculpture that was first placed as a symbol of women’s empowerment in New York’s Financial District may be headed to a private placement for the first time after sculptor Kristen Wisble announced Tuesday , she will auction a bronze cast. His ongoing legal battle with the company he works for.

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Full size of a little girl, 4 feet tall will strike in a defiant pose go to auction next week under a three-day, sealed bid, with a drop of official “Fearless Girl” Irreplaceable Token,

The “Fearless Girl” cast has been unveiled in public places around the world, including London, Oslo and Melbourne, but this sale is the first time Visbal will bless her with setting up her work in private, as long as the sale “will happen”. Provide Financial Fuel to Her Efforts to Free ‘Fearless Girl’ benefit of society“According to a statement.

The proceeds will also help cover Visible’s legal fees in a breach of contract lawsuit filed by State Street Global Advisors, the property management firm that first commissioned Sculpture in 2019, claiming it had “substantial and irreparable damageSelling replicas of “Fearless Girl” (Visible, who countered, told Artnet last week that he was owed) $3.3 million in legal fees).

New York officials voted last month to allow the original sculpture to continue stand by it Extending their temporary permits outside the New York Stock Exchange on Broad Street for another 11 months with the condition that the city, State Street and Visible come up with a plan for what to do with the sculpture in six months.