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A union representing hundreds of thousands of federal workers on Tuesday asked the Biden administration to delay its COVID-19 vaccination deadline for public employees by six weeks, as President Joe Biden slams millions of federal workers and contractors — and large Hire employees of private businesses. Get vaccinated against coronavirus.

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one in letter to administration officials, American Federation of Government Employees suggests that the vaccination deadline for federal employees be completely abolished 22 November To January 4, which is in present Deadline for federal contractors.

The union claimed that the longer timelines for contractors have created “confusion and distress due to unequal treatment among federal employees and inconsistent deadlines for those working in government work in similar settings.”

Union – which represents the employees agencies The Administration – like the Bureau of Prisons and Transportation Security – did not outright criticize the vaccine mandate.

An Office of Management and Budget spokesperson referred Businesshala for a white house press briefing Last month, during which Covid-19 response coordinator Jeff Gents said the mandate would not cause disruption or lead to immediate punishment.

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