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The US Justice Department on Friday opened an investigation into the 2020 police shooting of Jacob Blake without filing charges, more than a year after the shooting of a black Wisconsin man helped fuel tense protests.

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DOJ’s Civil Rights Division Prosecutors Revealed In the Wisconsin town of Kenosha, 30-year-old Blake was shot in the back by a white police officer, Rusten Shesky, while responding to a “domestic incident”.

The DOJ eventually concluded “the evidence obtained is insufficient to prove that”. [Kenosha Police Department] The officer deliberately used excessive force,” it said on Friday.

Federal civil rights law requires prosecutors to prove deliberate deprivation The DOJ said in a statement Friday evening that a person’s rights, which means mistakes, negligence and poor judgment, do not necessarily qualify.

Shesky’s lawyer, Brendan Matthews, told Businesshala He is “grateful that they came to the proper conclusion.”

Benjamin Crump, an attorney representing Blake’s family, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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State prosecutors also declined to indict Shesky earlier this year. The Kenosha County District Attorney concluded that Blake resisted arrest and possessed a knife during the shooting, so Shesky argued that he acted in self-defense.