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Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. The Senate campaign of John Fetterman (D) released an ad attacking Republican Mehmet Oz’s remarks on abortion during Wednesday night’s debate, when Fetterman’s health took center stage during the event.

Key Facts

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The ad highlights a clip of Oz answering a question on abortion rights, saying he wants “local political leaders,” as well as women and doctors, to be one of the decision-makers on abortion.

advertisement Oz “too extreme for Pennsylvania” and tells the audience “Oz would like politicians [Republican gubernatorial candidate]

Doug Maastriano banned abortion without exception,” referring to Maastriano’s hardline stance on abortion.

During the debate, Oz repeatedly refrained from giving a direct answer when asked whether he would vote for a federal 15-week abortion ban, but said he “does not support federal regulations that state block their ability to do what they want to do.”

Fetterman said he wanted Roe v. Wade to be codified into law, when the Supreme Court earlier this year dismissed the landmark case guaranteeing abortion nationwide: “The choice of abortion is between you and your doctor,” he said.

The ad was released as Fetterman, who suffered a stroke in May that he says left him with auditory processing issues, had to face One Flooding of negative review On his performance in Tuesday’s debate, in which he often paused and was sometimes seen struggling to find the right words.

main background

Oz and Fetterman entered a near-tied race to retire from the Senate seat of Sen. Pat Tommy (R) in Tuesday's debate, with recent polls showing Fetterman leading by just two points. In addition to abortion, the candidates disputed fracking, Oz's real estate assets, eroded the Senate's filibuster powers and criminal justice. Fetterman's health was also a major topic. At the start of the debate, he addressed his auditory processing issues directly, telling the audience: "I can remember a few words during this debate, jumble two words together," although he told medical records during the debate. Refused to commit to release. However, Fetterman has issued letters from his primary care doctor and cardiologist saying he is healthy enough to campaign for and serve in the Senate if he continues treatment. During the debate, Fetterman's sluggish communication issues became apparent at times. He began the debate by saying to the audience: "Hello, good night everyone," and struggled to explain why. off From opposing drilling for petroleum to using hydraulic fracturing or fracking to supporting it, the "I support fracking" repeated many times instead. Meanwhile, Oz appeared to taunt his opponent's health several times: "John, obviously I wasn't clear enough for you to figure it out," he said at one point.

what we don't know

Do Pennsylvania voters care enough about Fetterman's communication issues to cost them the election? In a poll released Tuesday before the debate, less than 50% of voters said Fetterman's health was an important topic to discuss in the debate, while 55% said they believed he was fit to serve. are healthy enough.

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