Find Employee Motivation With These Four Steps

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So you have a great startup business running, and cash flowing in. that’s awesome. However, there’s more to keeping it up and running – you need employee motivation. This is necessary because nanoseconds they become unhappy with their work, they will look elsewhere. And this is a piece of the workforce that will be incredibly difficult to replace.

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Also, it helps to motivate the employees in the right way so that they stay around. Don’t just throw a pizza party. As useful as it is to have them on a regular basis, they act more as a band-aid than just finding the real problem. The key here is finding ways to get them back, ready to work without a beat.

So what can you do to get the most out of your employees? Follow these four steps and you’ll be on your way to a happier workforce!

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Maintain respect for employee motivation

The first step is the most basic, but in some cases also the most challenging to maintain long-term – mutual respect. Sure, you can own a boss and get the job done, but they can make your existence intimidating as a result.

Instead, find a good common ground to keep employees happy. Leave an open door so they can talk to you anytime. Don’t interfere in their lives, but if you think someone is being left behind, check them out. Inspire others to join as a team, so that no one feels left behind. Remember, there is no “I” in the team.

That said, make sure you keep a respectful distance. Don’t get involved if they don’t feel like talking. However, if their performance lags behind, bring it up and see if you can get on the same page as theirs. Build relationships, don’t rule.

Don’t Make Performance Reviews So Intimidating

The next step in maintaining employee motivation is what a performance review is. Sure, you need them, and you need to address the problem areas. But don’t make it look like some kind of interrogation. Instead, make sure you talk to them about what they’re doing right, and then get comfortable with the things you think they can do better.

What’s more, set an example! Nothing will help an employee more than if you can explain things in a way that they will relate to. Don’t scold them or call them dumb in any way, but find a fun way to help them improve. Maybe even set a goal to accomplish, but nothing that goes above and beyond what they can do.

Remember, the key here remains employee motivation. Without it, they will think performance reviews are like the death knell. And no one should feel that way.

Get more involved in your team

As I said above, when it comes to employee motivation, you need to make them feel special. While it does include a personal reward for someone who goes above and beyond, it doesn’t mean leaving others behind.

With this, try doing team exercises to help the crew work together. It could be something fun, such as the above pizza party; Or you can do a project where you all have the same input. When employees engage with others rather than feel alone, they are surprisingly engaging.

Find some exercises or activities that can bring your group together as a whole. It could be fun, or a rendezvous outside work (how’s bowling night?), or something that you feel like you all have to move on.

award, award, award

Of course, the best thing about employee motivation is the reward for a job well done. It’s best to set up team rewards, as everyone can work equally to earn something. This means possible competitions, or even something where everyone gets something for their effort. It depends on the business, but there are many ways to motivate.

A cash bonus can go a long way, especially in this day and age when the economy is going down. But there’s more, like traveling abroad with airline credit, or even a gift card to a popular store. And, once again, I have to stress the point of the pizza party, because everyone wins from them. Just remember not to make it a big goal – focus on the cash and big rewards for it. But it’s good to have fun too.

For that matter, maybe even give stuff like vacation days. Employees can’t get enough of these, as they can go home and relax or even spend time with their family and friends. Just make sure you’ve set up the workforce properly for the people who fly. Also, spread the vacation days around—don’t give them to just one person who continues to deliver top performance. Otherwise, people will lose motivation. Very early.

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