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federal prosecutor Was accused A Texas man who claims to be a naturopath on Wednesday distributed performance-enhancing drugs to two athletes before they were scheduled to compete at the Olympic Games in Tokyo last summer—the first under the 2020 law. Making criminal charges, aimed at stopping doping schemes. International sporting event.

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Eric Lira, a self-described “kinesiologist and naturopathic” doctor based in El Paso, Texas, reportedly received misbranded versions of performance-enhancing drugs like human growth hormone and erythropoietin, which increase the number of red blood cells, as according complaint,

Lira, 41, reportedly obtained drugs from Central and South America and brought them to the US before giving them to two unidentified Olympic athletes.

According to encrypted messages obtained by prosecutors, one of the athletes wrote in a text to Lira, “Whatever you did, great job,” after discussing her performance in the 100-meter race.

The given description of the athlete reveals that it is Nigerian sprinter and long jumper Blessing Okagbare, who tested positive for human growth hormone on July 19, 2021 and was suspended from Olympic competition on July 31.

The complaint did not give further details about the other athlete Lira allegedly assisted.

Lira faces one count of international sports doping under the Rodchenkov Act, which forbids doping schemes at international sporting events, and one count of conspiracy to violate US drug misbranding laws.

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