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China Reported The first community transmitted Covid-19 case of the highly transmissible Omicron variant in Beijing on Saturday, as the country’s “zero-Covid” policy faces pressure ahead of next month’s Beijing Olympics.

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Lab tests determined that a Covid-positive woman, who had not left Beijing in more than two weeks, contracted the Omicron variant, making her infection the first local Omicron case in the nation’s capital, Chinese officials said on Saturday. said according to the briefing Reuters And this south china morning post,

Whether the local Omicron surge will affect the 2022 Winter Olympics, which is set to begin on February 4 in Beijing, is a primary concern for the government: city spokesman Xu Hejian said on Saturday that “to ensure the capital’s security, It is necessary to take action for the Winter Olympics and its residents. ” according So far south china morning post,

China has also told Omicron community spread cases in Tianjin city – which currently has fewer than 14 million residents partial lockdown Due to several local omicron infections – and Henan, Guangdong and Liaoning provinces.

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