A Palestinian gunman reportedly shot and killed at least five people near Tel Aviv, Israel, on Tuesday, the country’s second shooting and fifth attack in the last two weeks—a surge Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett deemed a “wave of murderous Arab terrorism.”

Key Facts

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The gunman, riding a motorcycle, opened fire using an assault rifle in two locations in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood, Bnei Brak, outside of Tel Aviv, killing passersby before police officers at the scene shot and killed him, Israeli police said according to to the Washington Post,

Five people were killed, a spokesperson from Magen David Adom, an Israeli medical service, confirmed to Forbes,

The shooter was a Palestinian man who had previously been jailed for arms trafficking and being a member of a terrorist group, according to to the New York Times, which cited an Israeli public broadcaster.

Following the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett scheduled an emergency security consultation with senior Israeli officials Tuesday night and the Israeli police said all officers would begin focusing on counterterrorism.


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