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As airlines prepare for the busy holiday season, airfares are rising and rising to pre-pandemic levels, according to Adobe’s Digital Economy Index, amid rising demand for American holidaymakers for the beleaguered industry. is an encouraging sign.

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Domestic flight prices in October were down just 7% from 2019 levels before the pandemic, according to Adobe, which tracks transactions from six of the top ten US airlines.

The cost has been driven by flight prices in August and September, which were down from levels of 11% and 13% respectively in 2019.

Despite rising demand — bookings were down just 13% in September and October and 10% from the same period in 2019 — lower ticket prices kept revenue down, Adobe found, with $4.2 billion in online spending in September and $4.2 billion in October. 4.8 billion, down 35%. and 28% respectively from the same period in 2019.

According to Adobe, the low airfares were in part due to steep discounts by airlines, and as Delta coronavirus spread across the country, prices dropped significantly.

The busy holiday period is also driving up online prices, according to Vivek Pandya, principal analyst at Adobe Digital Insights, who said consumers would be wise to “start thinking about Christmas travel very soon”.

Bookings for Thanksgiving flights this year, defined as landing between November 20 and November 25, are on track to meet or beat pre-pandemic levels, according to Adobe, and at this point in 2020. 78% from 2019 and up 3.2% from 2019. November 7, most Thanksgiving tickets are usually booked).

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