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At least one person was killed after floods and landslides hit western Canada, after torrential rains in the region forced the closure of the nation’s largest port in the city of Vancouver, while also affecting parts of the US Northwest. did.

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has confirmed the death of at least one woman after a landslide on a major highway in the province of British Columbia, CBC News informed of,

Earlier, about 300 people trapped in a landslide in British Columbia were rescued by helicopters.

Torrential rains have also forced the closure of two major rail routes in the province operated by the Canadian Pacific Railroad and the Canadian National Railway.

According to Associated Press, The floods managed to cause major devastation across the border in the Northwest region of the US, forcing many people to evacuate their homes.

Hundreds of people were evacuated because of water damage to about 75% of homes in the small Washington state town of Sumas, according to local officials. said,

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