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A federal judge ruled against Florida over the weekend and refused to temporarily block a Biden administration order mandating COVID-19 vaccines for healthcare workers, a state to protest the federal government’s vaccine requirements. The first major setback in the U.S.’s massive effort.

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US District Judge M. Casey Rogers rejected Florida’s request for a temporary restraining order or injunction, which would block the federal vaccine rule—set to take effect December 6—while the state’s trial moves forward.

Florida sued The Biden administration last week challenged the constitutionality of the vaccine policy, which Is necessary Immunization for all healthcare workers in facilities that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Rogers, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, said Saturday that Florida’s complaint did not show the state would suffer “irreparable harm” if the mandate went into effect, with Florida plaintiffs saying they “anticipated” are that the necessity will harm the state. and its activists but provided no evidence that it would actually happen.

The judge also rejected Florida’s argument that the federal government could take away money from the state for non-compliance with the mandate, saying that “there is no evidence to suggest” the federal government will take effect immediately after the policy. will cancel any funds.

Rogers disputed Florida’s claims that the vaccine mandate would violate state sovereignty by conflicting with state policy, citing his reasoning as a “lack of merit.”

Florida Gov. Spokesperson Christina Pusa. Ron DeSantis told Businesshala The Biden administration’s vaccine mandate is “outrageous” in an email and the governor’s office is “working closely with the attorney general’s office and exploring all our options.”

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