As the hospitality industry is facing acute shortage of staff, a restaurant is striving to continue serving the customers in a creative manner.

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The Eat District in Boca Raton, Florida, recently introduced a new server called Bella. Developed by Pudu Robotics, it is known as providing “an unprecedented food delivery robot experience”. She debuted this week to the Eat District’s patrons, who reportedly fell in love with the new waiter.

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“I thought it was really cool how the robot served food,” a patron told local news station WPBF 25. Another commented that the robot was able to efficiently deliver the food to his table without error.

The Bella costs between $10,000 and $20,000 and is one of many similar robots made by Pudu Products.

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Bella’s begins as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hit restaurants across the country. newsweek reported that the hospitality industry, which includes restaurants and other food services, experienced the biggest increase in resignations in November.

For those who remain in the industry, some are applying for assistance through programs such as the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund to help meet their needs. Allegations of the highly contagious Omron variant and improper safety protocols have led to many people contracting COVID-19, leading to an increase in workers’ strikes across the country.

The Austin American-Statesman reported that a similar strike occurred at Via 313 Pizzeria in Austin, Texas. Over 30 workers went on strike demanding paid leave and risk pay, along with strict protocols.

“We want respect for every employee here and every restaurant worker in the country,” one worker told the newspaper. “We’re not asking for anything unreasonable. It’s something that exists in our society and companies offer sick pay and risk pay for their employees.”

newsweek The Eat District and Unite Here Hospitality Union have been contacted for comment.