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The Florida State Board of Education will restore funding to school districts that defied the state by imposing mask mandates now that their mask orders have been lifted, the board voted Tuesday—but against the Biden administration if the state is still going ahead. can take action. With its legal complaint against Florida for withholding funds to schools.

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School funding will be restored to them after Alachua and Broward counties Both districts Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran and the agency’s legal counsel said in a board meeting Tuesday that they would allow parents to opt out of the school’s mask mandate as the state requires.

The counties were two of 10 Florida school districts that implemented strict mask mandates, at least temporarily, while the state barred them from doing so, but were the only ones that eventually withheld funding—for Alachua County. $194,720 and $526,197 for Broward.

In addition to withholding funds equal to the salaries of its school board members, the state also docked an amount equal to the federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education that was earmarked for schools. State funding lost.

The Biden administration filed a cease and desist injunction against the Florida Department of Education over withheld funding for the grant, and Corcoran and attorney Steven Angle said they would “vigorously” defend themselves in court against the complaint if the federal government did not quit. Will defend This.

If the US Department of Education moves forward with the complaint, Corcoran and Engle suggested they could counter the Biden administration, alleging that Project Safe grants to Alachua and Broward counties violate federal laws prevent the agency from determining how states allocate their funds.

The US Department of Education has yet to respond to a request for comment on its plans in relation to the legal complaint.

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