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A former Boeing chief technical pilot was indicted by a federal grand jury in Texas on Thursday for defrauding air safety regulators by withholding information about a new component of the Boeing 737 MAX’s flight control system, a Was a significant factor in two accidents within the year. In which 346 people died.

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Justice Department is accused That Mark Forkner withheld new information from the Federal Aviation Administration Aircraft Evaluation Group, which he received in 2016 on expanding the scope of flight control software, called Maneuver Attribute Augmentation System (MCAS), which was earlier than operates at low speed. .

Because of this, the FAA’s Aircraft Evaluation Group determined that pilots need not receive any training at the new facility, the latest version of Boeing’s bestselling jet, and removed references to MCAS from a report recommending training procedures. which the Justice Department said “deprived airlines and pilots from knowing vital information about how the aircraft was controlled.”

Crash investigators have determined that MCAS was active during two 737 MAX crashes that occurred in 2018 and 2019, which pushed the planes into a dive that the pilots were unable to counter.

Forkner has been charged with two counts of fraud related to aircraft parts and four counts of wire fraud in interstate commerce.

main background

An October 2018 Lion Air jet crash near Jakarta, Indonesia, which killed 189 people, prompted the FAA AEG to learn that MCAS was operating beyond limited conditions, which Boeing told the agency that it was designed for. Before the agency could complete the investigation into the crash, an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX crashed near Ezere, Ethiopia in March 2019, killing 157 people and leading air safety regulators around the world to land the plane Went. The Justice Department charged Boeing in January conspiracy To deceive the FAA. Boeing admitted that two of its technical pilots had deceived the FAA’s aircraft evaluation group on MCAS, and agreed to pay more than $2.5 billion to settle the matter.

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The indictment comes as Boeing deals with the search for another Shortcoming On its 787 Dreamliner, titanium parts were included that had not been properly manufactured at the Leonardo SpA factories over the years. The defect has led to an extension of delay in delivery to airlines which has brought the company into disrepute.

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