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French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday he would lead a global campaign to end state-sponsored executions.

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Macron said he would use France’s innings at the top of the European Union, which will run from January to July, with a summit of countries that have stopped the practice to draw attention to the death penalty. According to Reuters.

France abolished the death penalty in 1981 – becoming the 35th country to do so, Macron said on Saturday – although nearly half the country supports bringing it back, According to France 24.

Some 483 people According to the human rights nonprofit Amnesty International, the executions took place in 2020.

America killed 17 people in 2020, Amnesty told, and 48 people awaiting execution at the end of the year.

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54. How many countries hanged people in 2020, According to Amnesty. Some 55 countries According to its April 2020 report on the policy, it has retained the death penalty as an alternative to punish crimes by citizens, while 144 countries have abolished the death penalty either in law or in practice.

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More than six in 10 people in France supported the death penalty when the country’s legislature abolished it, According to France 24. “I am against the death penalty,” said the country’s president at the time, François Mitterrand. “I don’t need to read opinion polls saying otherwise.”

France’s EU president insists on abolishing the death penalty worldwide, says Macron (Reuters)

French public divided 40 years after the abolition of capital punishment (France 24)