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A new round of Russian missile strikes began on Monday in Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kyiv, causing major damage to power and water infrastructure in response to alleged drone strikes on the Russian-occupied city of Sevastopol over the weekend.

Key Facts

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one in Statement On Telegram, Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said the strike has left 80% of the city’s residents without water supply, while electricity to 350,000 homes has also been disrupted.

Earlier on Monday, several explosions and air raid sirens were heard in Kyiv, while city officials urged citizens To take refuge in bomb shelters.

Two missiles hit the city of Kharkiv, disrupting its water supply infrastructure and public transport, said city mayor Igor Terekhov. Told on telegram.

Critical infrastructure in some other Ukrainian cities, including Zaporizhzhia and Cherkasy, were also targeted.

Ukrainian Air Force Claimed It shot down 44 of more than 50 cruise missiles fired from Russia’s Rostov region and the North Caspian Sea.

Till early Monday, there was no report of any casualties in Monday’s strike.

main background

Although not explicitly stated, Monday's round of attacks is a possible retaliation after the drone strikes on the Crimean port city of Sevastopol, occupied by Moscow. Russia has blamed Ukraine for the attack and suspended its participation in a UN-brokered deal that allowed Ukraine to export its grain through the Black Sea. Ukrainian ministry of infrastructure warning On Sunday, Russia was attempting to block 218 ships trying to export Ukrainian grain. Ukraine has denied involvement in what it called a "terrorist attack" on the Black Sea port, accusing Russia of global food blackmail. As it faces setbacks on the battlefield, Russia has changed its strategy to directly target Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructure. Allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin and other hardliners in the Kremlin have rejoiced at these attacks and are calling for more, but there are some concerns about the viability of such an approach as Russia's stockpile of precision-guided weapons continues to deplete. Is.

tangent line

The wreckage of one of 44 Russian missiles intercepted by Ukraine's military fell in Moldovan territory on Monday, causing minor damage to the country's interior ministry. Told, No one was reported injured in the strike. Moldova, a former Soviet state that has seen a massive influx of refugees from Ukraine, has been critical of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. last week, Washington Post informed of That Moscow spies are trying to destabilize the Moldovan government for its pro-Western and pro-Ukrainian stance.

Russian missiles bombed cities across Ukraine (CNN)

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