From clothes to cars to microwaves: the best time to sell your stuff

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There are many reasons to sell your unwanted stuff.

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Maybe you’re downing size as an empty nester or moving on from a bad relationship—or you just want to purge once you’re onboard with minimal instincts.

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Or maybe you really just need the extra cash this week.

Whatever your motivation for selling all the weird stuff that’s hiding in the back of your closet, you’ll want to make as much money as possible from each item – because who doesn’t love money?

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And while some apps or websites are better than others for selling certain items, there is a seller’s theory that can mean the difference between making a dollar and making many dollars:

Its all about timing.

That’s right – just as the best time to buy is, the best time to sell your unwanted or unused content.

An item that sells for pennies in the spring may sell for $10 in November. If you can wait a few months to get rid of something, you’ll make a big difference at a time when demand is highest.

Right time to sell your stuff to make the most money

If you’re not dying to get rid of something, try hanging on to it for a few months so you can sell it when the time is right.

The general rule of thumb is to list an item a month or two before it is seasonally required – although there are some exceptions.

To help you figure out when to sell out, the folks at OfferUp gave us some insider information on the best time to list all your unwanted stuff — and we’ve added some of ours, too!

january workout gear

In January, everyone is looking for workout equipment to help them achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Sell ​​it now, because by July, everyone else will be trying to get rid of themselves.


Textbooks are in high demand twice a year, at the beginning of each school semester. Sell ​​your old textbooks in early January to ensure that you get as much money as possible for your books.


Many people are looking to buy a TV during the NFL playoff season and leading up to the Super Bowl. Some people don’t want to go out to buy a new one. Used TVs are often listed on offerup for anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars.

February Jewelry

While jewelry doesn’t hold its value very well, if you find yourself having extra shiny, pretty things on hand, the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day will be one of the better opportunities for you to make a buck or two. . (The other is around the winter holidays, but we’ll get there.)


Obviously we’re not talking about pieces you’ve worn before, but if you have some gift sets with tags you’ll never wear, now’s the time to sell out!

Adobe Stock March Wedding Gear

While the season for full-blown weddings isn’t until June, March is a great time to start selling. Consider cataloging your wedding dress and everything related to the wedding, from vintage bridal dresses to leftover table centerpieces. These will be on sale until June, but you’ll want to capitalize on the fact that people plan weddings, so they’ll buy in a little early.

These are the best places to find used wedding dresses whether you are buying or selling.

warm weather clothes

As the winters end, people get restless and shop for shorts, tanks and swimsuits. It’s time to start making a hot weather clothing list!

Try listing your used clothing through one of these 17 markets where you can sell online or in person. cars

President’s Day sales in February often coincide with shoppers selling older models in March.

april prom dresses

People start searching for prom dresses online in the month of April, as there are many proms in May. List them now to give your old outfits a life beyond the dark corners of your wardrobe!


At this point, people are ready to get out and move on. Now is the best time of year to sell a bike, as the weather warms up and biking to work seems like a really enjoyable experience for some people.

Workout Gear (Again)

If you had any workout gear that didn’t sell—or if you had good intentions and actually bought some for yourself—back in January, now’s your second chance to sell anything you might still have. In the spring, people suddenly become hyper-aware that swimsuit season is approaching, which means that workout gear and clothing are in high demand once again.

may stuff

Got extra stuff sitting around that needs a new adventure buddy? Now is a great time to list it as people are planning their summer vacations.

holiday items

Along the same lines, this is also the best time to sell various other leisure items like plug adapters, beach toys or camping gear for international travel.

lawn mowers

Grass growth kicks into high gear around May, which means many people may be looking for a deal on a lawnmower. Get out ahead of Memorial Day barbecue plans and list your lawnmower in early May.

A son and father have a water gun fight in the backyard. Getty Images June Summer Fun

As we move into the summer months, people will be looking for outdoor entertainment – ​​things like lawn chairs, water toys and swimsuits sell out well into June!

july baby gear

More babies are born in July and August than in any other month of the year, so it makes sense that people are looking for baby gear, like strollers and cribs. The exception to this rule are baby clothes. Because babies grow so quickly and often unexpectedly, baby clothes tend to sell better in the season when they are most current. No parent wants to buy a snowsuit in June only to see that by December their child has surpassed the growth chart.

back-to-school items

Anything related to a school or dorm will sell well now as people start thinking about back-to-school shopping. List dorm items, backpacks, kids’ school clothes and anything else you see regularly on those “back-to-school” lists.

august textbooks

Again, textbooks will sell well at the start of the semester after college students have signed up for all their classes.

winter sports gear

Stand out from the winter sports rush in August and make a little extra money selling your winter sports gear. Items such as skis, snowboards, boots and helmets are in demand late in the summer as people start planning their winter vacations.

Getty Images September Furniture and HomeGoods

The running season begins in early May and peaks in September before falling dramatically in the fall. In September, people are looking for furniture, home decor and small kitchen appliances and equipment for their new digs.

halloween costumes and decorations

Also in September, people start planning their Halloween costumes and parties. List these things now to take advantage of the planners!

october cold weather clothes

The temperature is dropping, so it’s time to sell your jeans, sweaters, jackets and shoes.

Kids snow gear — which includes snowsuits, boots, hats and gloves — will also begin selling out and peak in the winter months.

november holiday decorations

List decorations for the winter holidays in early November. As Halloween decorations recede, people are eager to spread that holiday cheer.

holiday gifts

If you still have toys in packaging, tagged clothing (especially big brands), discontinued cosmetics and slowly-used electronics, list them in November when people start their holiday shopping. be.

A woman works out on a treadmill. Getty Images Jewelery

Jewelry also has a good sale in December – especially engagement rings. You can even sell your used jewelry directly on a site like I Do, Now I Don’t if you want to make some extra cash to get you through the holiday season.

exercise equipment

Many consumers are thinking about their New Year’s resolutions in December, which means you can probably get a great price for your gently used exercise equipment, like a treadmill.

exceptions to the rules

However, there are some exceptions to this list. Some items sell well over the course of several seasons (or even a year!) and some will sell better with a little strategic thinking.


Sports cars and convertibles tend to sell better — and possibly for a little more money — in the sunny spring and early summer months. Trucks and SUVs (especially four-wheel drive ones) will sell better in the snowy fall and winter months.

large equipment

Large appliances such as refrigerators, stoves and washing machines will sell well throughout the year. Appliances break all the time, and no one is waiting for a certain time of year to buy a replacement dishwasher!

Seasonal Entertaining Items

For seasonal “toys” such as skis, kayaks, roller blades and golf clubs (or any other item with only a brief annual window of enjoyment), list them for sale one to two months before the season begins.

Other seasonal and holiday items

For all small seasonal and holiday items, such as Easter baskets or Fourth of July decorations, start listing them four to six weeks ahead of time.

Grace Schweizer manages social media and SMS at The Penny Hoarder. Robert Bruce is the senior author of The Penny Hoarder.

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