US citizens will be able to start checking the X gender marker while applying for passports from next month, the White House said Thursday, as part of a number of new measures the Biden administration is announcing on Transgender Day of Visibility.

Key Facts

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US citizens will be able to select an X as their gender marker on their passport applications starting April 11, the State Department saidadding the option will be available “for other forms of documentation” next year.

The State Department announced in June it would move toward adding an X gender marker on passports, and issued the first gender-neutral X passport in October.

Australia, New Zealand and Canada, among other countriesalready issue passports with gender designations beyond male and female.

Oregon became the first state to offer gender neutral markers on state IDs and driver’s licenses without a doctor’s note in 2017, and more than 20 other states offer an X gender marker on state identification, according to LGBT Map,

California was the first state to offer a gender-neutral birth certificate in 2017, while Colorado was the first to offer an intersex birth certificate in 2018 —and 14 other states, and those born in New York City, have added a gender-neutral birth certificate option.