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Representative George Santos (RN.Y.) — who has refused to resign despite fabricating significant parts of his resume — if he is found to have violated campaign finance laws, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Q.) told CNN on Sunday, though Comer stopped short of calling for Santos to resign.

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while appearing on CNN state of the Union On Sunday, Comer called Santos a “bad man” and said she had not introduced herself to the New York Republican because of his “very disgusting” lies.

Comer said Santos would face a “rigorous ethics investigation” that would focus on potential campaign finance issues rather than his lies about his background.

The Republican lawmaker from Kentucky did not urge Santos to resign, saying it was not up to him or any other member of Congress to single Santos out for lying because he was duly elected, unless He did not violate campaign finance rules.

Santos’s fellow lawmakers could choose to expel him from the House, but such a move would require the support of two-thirds of the House, making it highly unlikely in a chamber narrowly controlled by Republicans.

Comer did not specify how long the Santos investigation would take.

Comer is the latest House Republican to express his displeasure about Santos’ lies, as several other GOP House members—mostly from Santos’ New York state—have called for his resignation.

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During his House campaign in the midterm elections, Santos lied about several aspects of his resume, including his wealth, his past career, and even the death of his mother. In his campaign website, Santos claimed that his parents had fled Ukraine during World War II to escape anti-Semitic persecution. However, the record was reviewed by the Jewish-American publication further Found that both his maternal grandparents were born in Brazil. Santos also claimed that his mother died on 9/11, but later tweeted that she had died in 2016. His campaign website attempted to explain this discrepancy, claiming that his mother was present at the attacks and later died of cancer. Santos also allegedly made false claims about his income, his previous jobs, the number of properties he owned, and his college graduation.

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Santos' financial disclosure and campaign fundraising have been questioned. Despite disclosing an income of only $55,000 during his unsuccessful 2020 congressional campaign, Santos later reported a $750,000 salary with an additional $10 million in dividends between 2021 and 2022, a company he claims will make a profit in 2021. was founded in the U.S., and he says he lent $700,000 to his 2022 campaign. Last week, the Sentinel Group Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint The Federal Election Commission alleged that Devolder was a shell company that was being used to route money to Santos' campaign. Santos' campaign also said it sought donations through a group called Redstone Strategies, but the FEC Told new York Times It could not find evidence that Redstone was registered as a political group or any records of its donors and spending. Santos has not been formally charged with a crime, but last month, the New York attorney general's office said it was investigating the allegations against Santos. Later in December, Nassau County District Attorney Anne T. Donnelly, a Republican, Told Her office opened an investigation of Santos for "numerous fabrications and inconsistencies".

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Despite facing criticism from her colleagues, Santos still appears to have the support of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who last week urged her to resign, saying voters chose her. And he was now "part of the Republicans". convention." McCarthy said that any concerns about Santos should be left to the House Ethics Committee, which is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Santos then appeared on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast and said he Will resign only if asked to do so by the more than 142,000 voters who elected him in November. Despite this, six Republican House members from New York have called for Santos' resignation, and New York's Nassau County GOP has also demanded that Santos step down for his "campaign of lies, deceit and fabrication".

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