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One of the last pending lawsuits filed by supporters of former President Donald Trump in Georgia shortly after the 2020 presidential election was dismissed on Wednesday is likely to end hopes of an Arizona-style election audit in the state.

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State Superior Court Judge Brian Amero Governance That the plaintiffs did not have grounds for audit as they failed to provide any evidence to support the need for one.

The suit was seeking a review of the nearly 147,000 ballots cast in Fulton County, a reliably blue area that includes the city of Atlanta.

Amero’s decision comes a day after the Georgia Secretary of State’s office dismissed one of the important claims Behind the trial, the 1,000 ballots that were so “ancient” that they aroused the suspicions of Trump supporters were in no way fake or fraudulent.

The nine-plaintiff lawsuit was filed in December of 2020.

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“The result, as we reported, is that President Trump came down short in the state of Georgia,” Secretary of State Brad Rafensper (R) said in a statement. Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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An audit in Georgia appeared to proceed in May, when Amero agreed to allow Fulton County ballots to be reviewed. but a meeting to discuss logistics The audit was immediately closed after Fulton County officials brought a motion to dismiss the suit.

main background

Georgia was the site of a wave of unsuccessful lawsuits challenging the results of the 2020 election, which Trump insists he does not lose the state. In fact, multiple recounts have confirmed that President Joe Biden defeated Trump in Georgia by nearly 12,000 votes, making Biden the first Democrat to lead the state since Bill Clinton in 1992. This fact particularly bothered Trump, who focused a large portion of his attacks on him. Following the election in Georgia, it failed to advance in 2020, despite being one of five states it won in 2016. His losses after Trump’s attacks have repeatedly focused on Raiffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp, both Republicans. At one point, Trump was recorded on a phone call with Raffensperger requesting the secretary of state to “find” enough votes to reverse the election results in the state.

tangent line

The results of Arizona’s audit were revealed late last month, after more than five months were spent analyzing more than two million Maricopa County ballots. The audit called by Republicans concluded that Biden won Arizona by a larger margin than the state, though the audit had no effect on the long-tested election results.

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