Georgia’s primary elections on Tuesday are pivotal. Here’s what to watch:

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  • Major primary elections are being held in Georgia on Tuesday.
  • The major race will test the political power of former President Donald Trump and set the table for a showdown in the general election to see which party controls Congress.
  • Trump has backed several candidates with increasing challenges against incumbent Republicans, including Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Riffensperger.

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The impact of Tuesday’s Georgia primary elections will extend far beyond state lines, as the major races test the political power of former President Donald Trump and set the table for a showdown to see which party controls Congress.

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Trump has endorsed more than a dozen candidates in the Peach State primary, some of whom are challenging incumbent Republicans who are up for re-election.

Those office-bearers include Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, two Republicans who both resisted pressure from Trump to reverse President Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory in the major swing state.

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Trump-backed challengers in both of those GOP primaries have echoed the former president’s false claims that the results of the 2020 presidential election were tainted by widespread fraud and misconduct.

Trump has also thrown his weight behind Herschelle Walker, a former NFL running back who is expected to advance in the Senate general election against Democratic Senator Rafael Warnock. Warnock’s election over Republican Kelly Loeffler in the decisive 2021 election helped Democrats secure a far smaller majority in the Senate.
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Also supported by Trump is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, whose extreme conspiracy theories before and during her stay in Congress have made her a polarizer in politics and a villain among Democrats.

For some of today’s races, the main question may not be which candidate can receive the most votes, but whether a candidate can avoid a runoff election by receiving more than 50% of the votes cast.

Georgia’s primaries come as Republicans hope to gain control of the House and Senate from Democrats in the fall. Democrats are fighting upward: The president’s party underperforms in the midterm elections, and the lead in the primaries has been marked by high inflation and low approval ratings for Biden.

That dynamic is true in four other states — Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Minnesota — that are also holding elections on Tuesday.

In Arkansas, Trump’s former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is also the daughter of a former Gov. Mike Huckabee is expected to win the GOP gubernatorial primary. Meanwhile in Alabama, GOP Representative Mo Brooks is fighting in the primary for the state’s open Senate seat after Trump revoked his support.

Voting in Georgia’s primary elections is open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Here’s what to see:


Former Sen. David Perdue is trying again in Georgia, this time competing for the governor’s office after losing to Democratic Sen. John Osoff in last year’s Senate runoff race.

But Perdue, which is backed by Trump and campaigned to spread the former president’s debunked lies about the 2020 presidential election, is falling badly behind incumbent Brian Kemp.

show recent polls Kemp is entering the primary with a double-digit lead over his top GOP rival, Perdu. That difference includes elections that were held after Trump’s Political Action Committee spent $500,000 on ads attacking Kemp.

Kemp, who signed in 2019 highly restrictive abortion lawshas earned a reputation as a staunch conservative. He has been endorsed by former Vice President Mike Pence, who was attacked by Trump on January 6, 2021 for his refusal to reject the Electoral College votes.

Kemp remains an enemy in the eyes of Trump, who has slammed Republicans as a “too weak governor” who has “failed Georgia.”

“Most importantly, he can’t win because the MAGA base — which is huge — will never vote for him,” Trump said in a statement backing Perdue. Reposted Monday by Trump’s social media account.

But as of last week, Trump had no further plans to campaign personally for Perdue, whose campaign ad spending has also dried up completely, NBC News reportedCiting sources close to Trump.

The Republican who moves to the general election will likely face Stacey Abrams, the progressive Democrat who lost to Kemp in the 2018 gubernatorial race.

Kemp declined to step down as Georgia’s secretary of state when he ran for governor, dismissing critics’ concerns about his participation in an election that his office was in charge of overseeing. In the wake of that defeat, Abrams has repeatedly said that the race was unfair.

Secretary of State

In the GOP primary for Georgia’s top election official, Trump defeated Rep. Jody Haise, one of dozens of Republicans in Congress who voted to challenge the Electoral College results after the January 6 Capitol riots.

A few days before that riot, then-President Trump called Raffensperger and urged him to “find 11,780 votes”—a vote Trump believed was necessary to reverse Biden’s victory in Georgia.

Raffensperger refused, and the phone call was immediately leaked to the media. Trump, who has previously publicly attacked Kemp and Raffensperger, wrote on Twitter after the call that Raffensperger “has no clue!”

That phone call is being overseen by Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis, a Democrat, in a criminal investigation into Trump’s efforts to reverse the election results.

Hiss supported a legal attempt to reverse The 2020 election results of the major swing states. He has launched a series of attacks against Raffensperger’s handling of the 2020 election, some of which Fact-checkers have falsely labeled,

managing committee

Walker, a Heisman Trophy winner and businessman attending the University of Georgia, is expected to easily pick up the Republican nomination for the Senate in Tuesday’s primary.

According to the average of recent surveys, the poll shows Walker is leading by more than 50 percentage points over his nearest competitor. real clear politics,

But if Walker leads the way in November’s election against incumbent Sen. Warnock, he could face stronger opposition.

Politically untrained athlete, who has left debates and faces charges Avoiding Unfriendly Presscan normally expect to withstand more heat, possibly about Reported History of alleged domestic abuse and making exaggerated claims about his business.

Early polls of fictional Walker-Warnock matchup show candidates virtually tied real clear politics,


In the Republican House primary, Trump has also backed several loyalists who have challenged the 2020 election results. One of them, Rep. Andrew Clyde, sparked outrage last year when he claimed at a hearing that violent pro-Trump mobs swarmed the Capitol on January 6, looking more like “normal tourist travel” than riots. Had been.

The most-watched House race in Georgia will likely be the 14th Congressional District, with new Representative Greene running for a second term in office. Greene was removed from his committee’s assignments last year as punishment for a wide range of extreme views and conspiracy theories, including the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy, before taking office by the Democrat-led House.

Recently, media outlets revealed that in the days following the Capitol riots, Greene sent a message to then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows urging him to talk to Trump about imposing martial law.

Green was sued by an election-reform group to try to kick him out of the primary race, alleging that his comments and actions related to the Capitol riot disqualified him from office. But a judge ruled against that group, and Secretary of State Reffensperger ruled earlier this month that Green’s re-election campaign could continue.

Trump’s endorsement test

Perhaps more than any other state in this election cycle, Georgia’s primary tests whether Trump still has the same influence on the GOP’s direction 15 months after the end of his single term in the White House.

Some political watchers see Trump’s support record in the current primary cycle as a key measure of his influence. But others have noted that Trump’s win-loss record may not tell the whole story.

While the majority of Trump supporters have won their primaries, some of those candidates have met with little or no opposition. Others, such as Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, received Trump’s support just before the election, once he had already emerged as a frontrunner.

In Georgia’s primaries, Trump endorses three Republican House members in secure districts a few days before Election Day.

In high-profile battles, Trump’s record is more mixed. Some of Trump’s endorsements appeared to make a big difference, such as the backing of Representative Alex Mooney, a West Virginia Republican who won his House primary. Another candidate, JD Vance, prevailed in a viciously competitive Ohio Republican Senate primary after winning the endorsement of Trump.

Other Trump-backed candidates suffered major losses. Businessman Charles Herbster failed to receive the GOP nomination for the Nebraska gubernatorial race, even as Trump held a rally in the state and defended Herbster against recent sex-abuse allegations that plagued his campaign Was. Herbster denied several women’s allegations.

Madison Cawthorne, a first-time Republican from North Carolina, also lost her primary, despite her current position and her support for Trump. Cawthorne, the youngest member of Congress, was dragged down by a laundry list of scandals that separated her from many of her fellow congressional Republicans, including North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis.

Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Janice McGatchin, Idaho’s lieutenant governor, lost by a wide margin in her challenge to the state’s incumbent Republican Gov. Brad Little. Unlike Kemp and other incumbent Republicans who were being challenged by the likes of Trump, Little had not publicly fueled Trump’s anger before endorsing McGatchin.

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