German biotech startup CataYm secures €50M to develop immunotherapies for cancer patients Silicon Canals

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Bayern-based Catalayam, a biotechnology company developing immunotherapies for cancer patients, announced on Tuesday, 22 November that it has secured €50M in a Series C round of funding.

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The round was co-led by new investors Brandon Capital and Zito Capital, with participation from existing investors Forbion, Novartis Venture Fund, Vesalius BioCapital III, Bayern Capital, Biogeneration Ventures and Coperion.

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CataLYm says it will use the funds to expand its visugromab Phase 2 development program. Follows expansion efficacy and durability results in advanced, last-line patients in Phase 1 and sustained positive clinical responses in the ongoing GDFATHER-2 trial (GDF-15 Antibody-Mediated Human Effector Cell Relocation Phase 2) Is.

The first data read-out from the Phase 2 clinical trial program is expected to emerge in early 2023.

Dr. Phil L’Huillier says, “The success of our Series C funding based on strong clinical data is further recognition that visugromab is emerging as a new anti-cancer immunotherapeutic drug with the potential to transform the immuno-oncology landscape.” Has potential.” , Chief Executive Officer at CataLYm. “We deeply value the commitment of our new and existing investors, which will enable further clinical development, leading to our flagship program of important studies.”

As part of the funding round, Dr. Jonathan Tobin, Partner at Brandon Capital and Dr. Andreas Wallnoffer, Partner at Jeeto Capital, will join Catalayam’s Board of Directors.

Catalym: what you need to know

Phil L’Huiller, Catalyme is developing innovative immunotherapies to transform the lives of cancer patients by manipulating their immune systems.

The German company has identified GDF-15 (Growth/differentiation factor-15) as a central regulator of the immune system in the tumor microenvironment.

As a result, the company is pioneering the reversal of GDF-15-mediated immunosuppression to induce a potent antitumoral immune response in non-responsive tumors.

CataLYm aims to demonstrate clinical proof-of-concept through its lead program, visugromab, in multiple solid tumor indications. This will expand the treatment horizon for current and future immunotherapies.

What is visugromab?

Visugromab (formerly known as CTL-002) is a humanized, monoclonal antibody designed to neutralize tumor-produced growth differentiation factor-15 (GDF-15).

“GDF-15 secretion by tumors has been shown to inhibit T cell migration into tumors and suppress T cell function and the adaptive immune response in the tumor microenvironment,” the company says.

As a result, the tumor evades the immune system and becomes resistant to the standard of care and current immunotherapy.

However, visugromab counteracts these immune-suppressive mechanisms by neutralizing GDF-15, thereby increasing the infiltration of immune cells into the tumor.

It improves priming of T cells by T cells and killing of dendritic cells and tumors by NK cells.


Brandon Capital is an Australasia life science venture capital firm. From early-stage seed investment to expansion capital, VC supports life science companies from proof-of-concept to commercialization.

“We are encouraged by the extremely exciting clinical data that Catalyme has generated in a short period of time, to pursue a program focused on a new target and our commitment to develop targeted antibodies capable of inducing an adaptive immune response in patients with late-stage cancer. demonstrates potential. We look forward to supporting Phil and his team as they prepare to move visugromab into late stage clinical development and further investigate the role of GDF-15 in immunosuppression,” Brandon says Dr. Jonathan Tobin, Partner at Capital.

Jeeto Capital is an investment company with a patient profit-driven approach to finance and accelerate the growth and development of groundbreaking medical innovation. It has €534M under management and a rapidly growing portfolio of investments.

“Visugromab has shown the most promising results in boosting the immune response to fight cancer in earlier trials, resulting in many impressive responses in patients with advanced tumors and last-line treatments,” says Dr. Andreas Wallnoffer, Partner at Jeeto Capital , “This drug has great potential to improve patients’ lives and become part of cancer immunotherapy regimens given its significant efficacy profile and good tolerability.”

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