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Germany on Thursday launched the second phase of its three-stage gas emergency plan and urged its citizens to cut use, as it flagged concerns from Russia about a drop in supplies that prompt the government to intervene directly. And can force to ration the fuel. The situation worsens further.

Key Facts

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German Economics Minister Robert Habeck will begin an “alert stage” of an emergency plan due to Russia’s cuts in gas supplies from June 14, his ministry announced in a Press release,

The minister said “security of supplies” was still guaranteed, but warned that the situation was tense.

According to Habeck, Germany has 58% more gas available in storage than last year, but this could be rapidly exhausted as supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline currently account for as little as 40% of total capacity.

Calling the situation a “gas crisis”, Hebek warned that gas is now a “scarce commodity” and is likely to further increase its already steep price.

The minister urged local governments, companies and citizens to cut gas use as much as possible “so that we can get through the winter.”

The German government intends to have a storage level of 90% by December as part of its emergency plan, something Habeck says will now be difficult to achieve without future measures.