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“Good Morning America” ​​host Michael Strahan is set to become the next star to travel into space next month when he will board the third manned spacecraft for Blue Origin, Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos’ private rocket company.

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Strahan will attend the company’s next space launch on December 9, announcing “GMA” on Tuesday, saying he had been approached by Blue Origin and invited onboard after covering the company’s first crewed voyage in July. and he accepted “without hesitation”. ,

Strahan said he would be joined by Laura Shepard Churchley, whose father Alan Shepard was the first American to fly into space, as well as four clients: investors Dylan Taylor and Evan Dick, and Bess Ventures founders Len Bass and their children, Cameron Bess, who Will be the first parent-child pair to fly into space together.

Footage aired on “GMA” shows Strahan being measured for his space suit and testing a flight seat designed specifically for the former professional football player’s 6’5 frame.

Strahan will spend a few weeks attending safety briefings and training at Blue Origin’s launch facility in Texas, he said Tuesday.


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