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Google revises its COVID-19 vaccine mandate to cover all remote employees who work with the federal government “directly or indirectly,” reviewed by backlash from some company employees according to internal email CNBC,

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Google requires its employees to report vaccination status by December 3, and employees working with government contracts will need to be vaccinated even if they work remotely, the company told its employees last month by CNBC. In a memorandum received.

Google last state All employees returning to the physical office in July should be vaccinated, but Tuesday’s report from CNBC is the first indication that any remote workers will be included in the mandate.

In response to updated vaccination guidelines, CNBC reports At least 600 Google employees — representing 0.4% about 140,000 People working at Google – signed a memorandum protesting the current vaccine mandate.

Google did not immediately respond Businesshala‘Request for comment.

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