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Representative Warren Davidson (R-Oh.) apologized Thursday for a series of Tweets On Wednesday he compared the Covid-19 vaccine mandate to Nazi policies, backing away from his comparison between how Nazi persecution of Jews during the Holocaust and the US government’s treatment of unaffiliated people, though he says That the government may soon “systematically isolate”. ,

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Wednesday Morning, Davidson tweeted an image of what appears to be a Nazi era health pass With the text “It’s been done before,” Washington, DC, responding to a tweet by Mayor Muriel Bowser about the need for COVID vaccination for most indoor establishments in the city that went into effect Saturday.

He then implied that barring unvaccinated people from restaurants and other indoor places in a follow-up is equivalent to treating Jews before the Holocaust. Tweet: “Let’s remember that the Nazis dehumanized the Jewish people before they separated, isolated them before they were captured, imprisoned them before they were enslaved, and enslaved them before they massacred them.”

The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum condemned Davidson’s comments, Tweet That his comparison of coronavirus policies to the suffering and killing of millions during the Holocaust is a “sad symptom of moral and intellectual collapse”.


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